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About Us

At FTA, we strive to seamlessly connect roasters to the finest green coffees. In partnership with Olam Specialty Coffee we provide access to sustainable, high quality coffee supply chains from around the world. Together, we collaborate with producers and roasters to provide the best customer service possible.


For our producer partners, our team is driven to provide a stable market, a fair price and help maintain the highest quality standards. For our roaster partners, we are committed to offering high quality, diverse selection and timely delivery.

FTA Coffee works in partnership with Olam Specialty Coffee, part of The Olam Group, which supplies over twenty agricultural products globally.


Our unique relationship provides: 


  • Access to an extensive international logistics, risk management and supply chain network.

  • Over 100 full time agronomists, tech specialists and coffee consultants in the field around the world, working with coffee producers to improve quality and yield.

  • Ownership and management of over 20 dry mills and 4 wet mills globally to help them maintain the highest quality standards along the supply chain.  

  • Key insights into the trends & challenges facing our industry. 

  • Proud collaboration to improve producer livelihoods, and enact positive change in coffee growing communities.


Click here to learn more about The Olam Group initiatives at origin.

The Olam Group Advantage

In addition to Olam, FTA Coffee has partnered with a range of boutique exporters to assist with accessing the Australian market for their coffee.  These lots are sure to shine as single origins in your line up or as competition coffee.  We work closely with the supplier and roasters to ensure we can line up supply with demand.  As the harvest rolls in we are able to receive multiple offers and present these to roasters based on their purchasing requirements.  Then we are able to fill in the remainder of the container with other coffee to get shipping cost down to the minimum.  Via this method we are to do the follow:

1. Maximize the number of different lots roasters to offer

2. Ship the coffee out of country as soon as possible to have the lots arrive at the peak of freshness.

3. Allow the exporters to quickly 

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