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Starts with Soil

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Started by our export partners in Colombia - Equation Coffee and Biodiversal, a management company specialising in regenerative agriculture projects, Starts With Soil is a collaborative program focused on assisting smallholder farmers to improve their profitability and environmental impacts by transitioning to regenerative agricultural practices.

The program raises funds through an additional premium paid by importers and uses these to design profitable agroecological projects focused on; the design of biodiverse farming systems; investments in existing impact projects aimed at small-producers; assisting producers with additional resources such as purchase agreements, technical assistance, and impact measurement; and through connecting producers with conscious consumers in both local and international markets.

Although only a few years old, the program has already produced positive outcomes for its participants; with net-income increased by 20%, the development of new agroecological businesses, increases in the organic matter of soil, and additional food production capabilities developed.

All of the coffees in our portfolio sourced from Colombia by the team at Equation Coffee; including coffees from La Palma & El Tucan, Delagua, and the ASOPEP cooperative, will contribute to the Starts with Soil program.

To learn more about the initiative and how it works please click here.

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