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Equation Coffee are coffee curators from Colombia who manage the sales and logistics for multiple projects within Colombia and Panama.  FTA has been working with these projects to assist with logistics, financing and warehousing in Australia for the three years.  They are experts at connecting roasters with the finest lots available.  Below are the projects they represent.

La Palma & El Tucan

The goal at La Palma & El Tucan is to shatter the status-quo by implementing groundbreaking social, environmental and technological innovations.  

Harvest:  May to August

Sample Set Received:  Aug/Sept

Minimum Commitment:  5 - 35kg bags (175 kg)

Processes Available:  Washed, Honey, Natural, Lactic

Delagua Coffee Paradise

The purpose at Delagua is to challenge water intensive coffee production practices used for centuries on the mountain farms, by using a community-based approach that respects biodiversity and preserves water sources while achieving the highest quality standards possible.

Harvest:  Nov to January

Sample Set Received:  Feb/March

Minimum Commitment:  5 - 35kg bags (175 kg)

Processes Available:  Honey, Natural

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