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February In Review

Weclome to our inaugral monthly recap. Here you'll find a review of the market happenings for the month, information on what coffees have landed and what we have in the pipeline, and general highlights of events around the office. As always, jump in the comments and let us know what you'd like to see here!


Market Review - Arabica

Arabica prices climbed by around 20 USC/lb (~10.5%)over the month of February to settle at 187 USC/lb overnight in New York. The main drivers for price increases were fundamental indicators such as excess rains in Brazil keeping farmers from applying fertilisers and pesticides to fields and falling ICE and US inventories. Smaller coffee exports also placed upward pressure on prices as producers witheld coffee from the market in anticipation of better prices. Shortage of supply in the cash market saw prices rally to a 4 1/2 month high near the end of the month although they eased as traders took profits shortly after.

Market Review - Robusta

Robusta prices rose by 159 USD/kg (~7.5%) over the month to settle at $2,136 USD/kg overnight in London. Prices were driven by the fundamentals as forecasts for production in Indonesia predict a deficit of 5.5 million bags of coffee, the lowest total in 10 years, due to excess rains in producing countries. Robusta prices also peaked near the end of the month, reaching 5 1/2-month highs before receding as traders took profits.



It was quiet month for arrivals with only a few blend coffees being unpacked. If you're looking for a quality blender we have fresh crop washed coffee from Huehuetenango in Guatemala from our friends at Kapel Farms, and an excellent natural Brazil lot from long-term producer partners at Fazenda Sao Silvestre.


In exciting news we've booked our first container from the excellent Catur Coffee Company in Indonesia. The majority of the container has been presold, but we haev a limited amount of regional and microlot coffees still available. Keep an eye on the offer list for March for more details.

We're also filling containers from Aida Batlle in El Salvador, Kapel Farms in Guatemala, La Palma El Tucan & Delagua in Colombia, and the Creativa Coffee District in Panama.

Get in touch if you're interested in sourcing lots from any of these excellent producers.

That's it for February. Keep an eye on our socials and EDMs for more info on the above and a couple of exciting events that we have planned for the near future.

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