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Sustainability at FTA Coffee

Both as individuals and as a company, we believe in acting with respect and integrity and doing the right thing. This dictates not only how we approach our day-to-day business transactions but also in how we take responsibility for the negative impacts of our actions. Ensuring that we do no harm - through caring for the planet by taking responsibility for the environmental impacts of our supply-chain, and caring for all of the people that contribute to our value-chain, are key tenets of this ethos.


A Commitment to going Carbon Neutral


We are on a journey to mitigate the negative environmental impacts of the coffee value-chain and make a positive and impactful contribution on behalf of all its members. As green coffee importers, FTA Coffee is focused on developing sustainable supply chains; providing quality green coffee that is both environmentally and ethically sound.

To this end, all of the green coffee we source is certified carbon-neutral through the Climate Active organisation; an ongoing partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action. That means that the emissions generated by each kg of coffee have been calculated and independently verified to be accurate, before being offset; resulting in carbon-neutral green coffee delivered to the roastery door.

In addition to this, we also offer an opt-in certification through which roasters can offset their own emissions and deliver carbon-neutral roasted coffee to their own customers. If this sounds interesting to you - please get in touch.

We’re also working hard to reduce our own emissions – sourcing green energy, increasing our use of recyclable and reusable materials, and researching end-of-life solutions for things like GrainPro bags and coffee sacks. At origin, we’re working closely with our export partners to source coffees and fund programs that work to improve environmental and social outcomes for the producers and regions we interact with.

This approach to sustainability is guided by the areas in which we think we can have the greatest social and environmental impact, and the issues of greatest importance to our producing partners, their communities, and our own customers.

FTA Coffee is proud to partner with Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM), Asia Pacific’s leading carbon offset provider, to achieve carbon-neutral green coffee for our customers. TEM is a certified B Corp, a Climate Active carbon neutral organisation, and signatory to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct.

To account for our emissions for the 2021-2022 financial year, we have selected the following offset projects:

It was important to us that the programs we selected for our offset-purchases matched our supply-chain and benefitted the people and areas that we sourced coffee from. As much as possible we have identified projects in regions that we source coffee from and balanced our purchasing to reflect these contributions to our supply-chain.

As the carbon-neutral program becomes more embedded into our business, we hope to make this more targeted and eventually offer customers choice around what programs their purchases contribute to.

Download our Carbon Neutral Flyer here.

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