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Our Story

We are family.

Family owned for six generations. We remain 100% Australian family owned as members of the HSK Ward Group, with our roots tracing back six generations, 170 years in Australia. 

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Who we are.

We aim to find the best quality coffee from the finest producers and deliver it to roasters in Australia and New Zealand.


As green coffee importers, we hold a key role in ensuring that the coffee supply-chain is ethically and environmentally sound, both for our producing partners as well as our customers. As the link between consumers and producers, we are in a unique position to mitigate the potential negative impacts of the coffee value-chain and make a positive and impactful contribution on behalf of all its members.

To safeguard a world where coffee continues to grow, and producers can thrive, we feel obliged to take responsibility for the potential negative impacts of our activities. Ensuring all our products are sourced responsibility, with a focus on environmental and social stewardship, is the strongest way to act to secure a sustainable industry for current and future generations.

We seek to foster growth not only our own community but also in the communities we source coffee from. We do this through empowering producers and roasters to create better ways to make great coffee, by creating connections, providing resources, and ensuring that everybody gets a fair share.

Meet the team.

From L - R:

Andy Todd - Sustainability

David McKennariey - General Manager

Daniel Clifford - Western Relationships 

Will Sharpe - Eastern Relationships 

Emma Willems - Quality & Procurement

Vee Beluli - Marketing

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