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  • Do you offer samples?
    Yes, we can provide samples either green or roasted. Our standard size for green samples is 200 grams. Our standard size for roasted is 65 grams. We have a limit of 6 samples per order.
  • Do you have a min order quantity?
    In general we have a min order quantity of 180 kg (3 - 60 kg bags). We are happy to send a smaller quantity if your average order size is 3 bags or more and would like to do a trial run with our coffee in production.
  • Do your prices include shipping?
    Our pricing includes shipping for orders of 8 bags (480 kg) within the Melbourne area provided a forklift is on site to unload. We can arrange shipping all over the country. Please contact your trader to get an accurate quote.
  • Do you offer credit terms?
    Yes we do, upon successful approval of an application by our accounting dept. We offer terms of 30 Days from the End of the Month. We will send you an account balance at the end of each month. If any balance is past due our standard procedure is to put the account on hold on the 7th of each month. The outstanding balance will need to be cleared up before another order can be placed.
  • Are there fees to use a credit card?
    If you are paying before the order ships there is no fee to use a credit card. If you would like to apply and use the 30 Days End of Month terms then a fee will be added. Currently it is 1.5%, but is subject to change.
  • Do you deliver to a Residential Address?
    We deliver only to a business address. If you are unable to provide a business address we can stop the shipment at the nearest freight depot and you can pick up there.
  • What lead time do you require to ship an order?
    Please see the lead time necessary. For cash accounts, please note that payment must be received in our account before the indicated cut off time below. In order to be able to deliver to you with consistency and so that you can plan your business accordingly, we have reviewed our local and interstate lead times based on the current environment. Please see below our new lead times based on maximum number of days from receipt of order (received before 11am local time) to delivery. Thank you in advance for using this as a guide when planning when you would like to receive your deliveries. This measure has been implemented as a result of the current situation and we will be reviewing it on an ongoing basis. Please rest assured that we are working in the background with our logistics partners to develop a first-class supply chain solution to meet the needs of your business. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your Customer Service representative or Sales Executive.
  • How should I report any damage on a shipment or the incorrect item being shipped?
    When an order arrives, please inspect thoroughly and if there is any doubt of damage please take a photo of the damage and document it on the delivery docket (both copies). If the delivery docket does not match the shipped goods please take a picture of the bag in question with the lot number (the string of 3 sets of numbers) on the bag. Then please give us a call with your issue and we will get it resolved right away.
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