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Team Top Coffee Picks: Emma

Updated: Jul 5

We have some amazing green coffees in our FTA Coffee portfolio, so picking a favourite can be a tough task. Therefore, we've asked our team to tell us their preferred coffee, so today we bring you Emma's!

Emma is our Quality Assurance and all-round coffee guru. She knows what she's talking about when it comes to the coffee process, its quality and the perfect blend. Between collecting samples, testing moisture and regular cuppings, Emma's picks are ones to try!

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In no particular order, Emma has justified her choice wisely. Flavour profile, the process, as well as the exceptional families behind the process, are key contributors to her top coffee picks!


Rwanda Kilimbi: Fully Washed

With tasting notes of lime, dark chocolate, and brown sugar, this coffee is crafted with the utmost care! Each cherry is hand-sorted before undergoing a pre-pulp float to remove any floaters. The coffee is then pulped and fermented in dedicated concrete tanks for an average of 12 hours, with the parchment being ceremonially agitated several times a day through foot-stomping.

Guatemala Santa Anita Estate

With tasting notes of Red Grape, Jasmine Honeysuckle & Brown Sugar, this coffee comes from Finca Santa Anita, managed by the De Leon Ruiz family. Not only is it exceptional, but the family also prioritises the well-being of the farm and everyone who works there.

Nicaragua Flor Y Nata Blend

With tasting notes of caramel, mandarin, and roasted almond, this coffee is a treat! After picking, the cherries are floated, depulped, and fermented in open tanks for 36 hours. They are then floated again, washed, and dried on the patio for 12 days before reposing for 10 weeks. Finally, the green coffee is stored in Ecotact bags to preserve its quality.

If you would like to learn more about the coffees we offer, our suppliers or even about our team- get in touch. All of the above are available now to be sampled!

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