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MICE 2023 Experience Tastings

As part of origin alley for MICE 2023, we are taking the opportunity to showcase some of our suppliers so you can learn a little more about them and try some of their fantastic coffees for yourself.

There will also be featured presentations hosted by Dahyana Rivellas from Equation Coffee in Colombia, and Romulo Andrade from Fazenda Sao Silvestre in Brazil.


Register your interest below or drop by the FTA Coffee stand and don't miss out!


Friday 18th @ 2pm

Aida Batlle Selection - El Salvador

ABS Logo transparent.png

The Aida Batlle Selection (ABS) is a unique coffee sourcing program designed to incentivise and educate producers, millers, and exporters to upgrade their operations and find better reward through access to the specialty coffee market. The program currently operates in El Salvador, Mexico, and Brazil, and has recently begun operations in China.

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